Studio Diary – Day Two

Day 2 –

J Street Recorders Mixing Desk
Knobs n buttons..

After a good nights sleep we get up around 10am. The internet is down so I may have to make a complaint to reception… Today is planned as a rest day for us so we can get adjusted and a work day for the studio peeps as they finish off the tinkering and details with the desk.

I wandered to local eatery and bar called Ink that Chris (Tesla tech who is the fountain of knowledge for all good eateries apparently) suggested. Few blocks walk and I’m there. Although it  plays heavily on imagery and artwork of tattoos today it is playing some great jazz funk!

A whopping great salad bowl later I’ve mixed well with the locals so back to the studio before it is too dark!

As with most days it seems, there plan is quite fluid. The working part of the day starts with the drum set up. Mic’ing it up. As we have set it up and its still ‘fairly’ early we track our first song. A few takes of Crossfire later and Brian has all he needs. 1st track in the bag!!

Matt's drum set up for the first port of the Alhambra recordings

Its about 1am by now but Brian asks if we fancied watching a movie back at his place to wind down…hell yeah!

Off to the cinema room we saw yesterday. Inglorious Bastards rounds our night off. Kev and Jeff stay up to watch another film but I hit the sack in the spare bedroom down stairs as I will drumming in the morning.