Studio Diary – Day Three

Jeff tried out one of the many toys Frank Hannon has left us

Day 3


The day starts in well, we’re still in Brian’s cinema room, still in the clothes we wore the day before and probably slept in…the rock n’ roll dream has started!

Brian takes us to his favourite breakfast place where a little miss understanding in accents and appetites leaves me with just a small spoon of scrambled egg on a side plate while everyone else has a piled up plates. Friend of the family, Pam, is late so her bacon is duly stolen…. shhh dont tell.

Anyways, we’re here for more than food and new friends! Back to the studio….

kodiak jack recording Alhambra with Brian Wheat
Kev laying down some bass.

Brian starts the day cutting Crossfire drums, getting them perfect and the like. I manage to fire off Brother and Coming Home. Kev gets a turn in the studio and adds bass to Brother, Jeff gets a go by rerecording a guide track too. Jules has been overseeing alot of the studio time but sneaked out for record shop no.2.

Building update: Sofa has been delivered for the control room today so we can now sit in comfort while listening to the magic happening.

Productive enough day ends well. We are invited to the Dive Bar where there is a faux new years eve party. I worked the real one so its great to have a proper one. We have our own table, much to my delight the table has a chilled bottle of vodka and 2 big decanters of fruit juice…add Sir Mix-a-lot to the equation and cue my shit-eating grin…bit let down that the mermaid doesn’t make an appearance ┬áin the massive fish tank above the bar, but there is time for that.