Studio Diary – Day Six

day 6


If there was ever a sight to see it would be Jeff, in a sidecar with a stars and stripes helmet on with Brian at the helm of the Royal Enfield!! Brilliant.


Kev’s up today for some bass. Crossfire, Wasted Youth, Brother all nailed.

Jeff touches up a few more guitar parts and I record drums for Brother and Waves. Brian gives us a few hours off while he cuts it all into shape, we head off to Inks….

Back at 7 to see what the score is and we get the rest of the night off! Quick triple S later and we’re at the BE clothing launch at District30. Good night, drinks are quite cheap (£2  go…better than £12 for 2 tequilas at Dive), the entertainment is good, a local hiphop act called DLRN.  The night finished early and we head back in time for Tesla’s Frank Hannon to drop by!

He’s back in town after a few live dates and he has some guitars for us to borrow to record with. We have a good chat and he tells us about the NAMM show and The Bonzo Bash he has just played. The video of him playing is awesome, that man can slide!

After he goes we try to leave it a reasonable time before having a look at the booty..after about 30sec we crumble…the blue custom Les Paul is sweet, the Fender strat and the acoustic Gibson are great but the gem is the double neck white SG with gold twiddley bits and custom gold Tesla headstock plaques.


Well, we’re all tired out so its a wrap for today…