Studio Diary – Day Seven

day 7


Drums are first up today.  The ones left to record as last for a reason..they are the ones I’m least looking forward to recording. Luckily Tesla drummer Troy Luccketta decides today is the day to visit :-/

He gets a guided tour and as with any visitor to the studio Brian gives them a blast of Brother to show them the system…sounds better each time i hear it!

Troy is itching to look at the kit and I manage to get a few snaps of him playing it, he obliges and takes a few of me too…

Tesla's Troy Luccketta drumming in the Alhambra Blvd studio
Troy Lucketta pops in to the studio while we’re recording drums.

Up first is Get Out Alive. A track that for the last how ever long I have worked hard to get the 3 fills right…up until a week ago when Brian cut them for some thing more simple, which you would have thought would be a good thing. I seem to have struggled with the simple fill over the last few days in practice! How frustrating. Luck is on my side today and I nail the whole song in 2 and a bit takes. Sweet!

Next up is a track we haven’t played for about 3 or 4 years. It was one of the first we recorded as a band but left it behind as our sound changed. Brian heard it in the time he has been following us from a far and he loves it so in a trade off for us getting Coming Home he gets this track. Ive thought of a few ideas to change it up and on the first take try them..some work some didn’t.. that doesn’t stop Brian from saying he has what he needs!? I guess they don’t call him the Surgeon for nothing… there will be more cuts in that than Katy Price, Alicia Douvall and Jodie Marsh put together!

Jeff flies through La Rue and Brian has made some adjustments so any one who heard us play it for the first time at the Deco just before we came out will be the only guys to hear it played how we originally wrote it!

With a few things in the bag Brian treats us to a Gunthers Ice Cream, its a family run parlour that has been in the same location for nearly 75 years! It’s the best!

Jeff gets back and records the oldie but a newie through the Randell and the Marshall heads…after that we have the rest of the evening off.

Kev and Jeff have an early start so just have a quiet one at a local bar while Jules, Tom Zutaut and myself check out the Frank Hannon show at a local casino.

Frank Hannon of Tesla fame
Frank Hannon Band Live.