Studio Diary – Day One

“Just a small town girl…” (well, boy)

Early morning calls all round for day 1…up and about for 5:30am, last minute bag checks, which pocket is the passport in, have I got enough socks, which pocket is my passport in, do I have my dollars, which pocket is my passport in..the usual stuff.

So after a quick fill up we were off. Straight forward journey to Heathrow, no delays or problems of note. A Starbucks and washer water top up at Fleet doesn’t really count I suppose.

Check in was straight forward enough and next to no time we’re boarding.

United Flight UA5...our home for the next 15hrs

Despite our research uncovering a list of absolutely naff inflight movies, once on board there were loads of great stuff!

The hi-light and low point was definitely Rock Of Ages. I may do a separate review but as an overview… its awful, cheesy, camp, cliche ridden, nothing is as bad in life as Russel Brand’s Brummie accent, the love story twist just odd, Tom Cruise’s version of Axl Rose is as bad as Mr Brand’s accent…the good points about the film are also all the things mentioned above, those plus CzJ is still looking good in leather at 60 (or what ever she is these days).

Our first taste of USA is Houston. Cowboys and Nuns in the airport is about as bizarre as we would have expected. Immigration was as easy as could be expected. Grilled but passed all the questions with an B+ mark I think.

2nd flight was easy too and we land in Sacramento at 8pm their time. Shortly after the main man turns up in his Mini, supercharged-turbo-shit-off-a-shovel type and his lackey, ‘Lips’ in a truck.

Quick guided tour of the city and a stop off at his house. We start in the East wing with the kitchen area where a personally signed and messaged Led Zep CD is casually tossed on the table with the usual clutter people have on their kitchen tables…the walls are filled with Ross Halfin shot limited prints, all no.1 of what ever run, and a wall full of gold discs from the Tesla back catalogue. Then he opens the door to the Cinema Room! Its about the size of the old Gosport Cinema I think!

Quick stop for some supplies and off to the studio. Its still work in progress. Dave Grohl’s soundman is trying to find the source of the buzz on channel 30 or something and a guy who is now on his 25th hour of work that day is soldering and wiring in other parts of the desk. Vocal booth is being padded and Tesla’s tech is hanging the massive TV in the kitchen area. Through the ‘to do lists’ we can see this is going to be a fantastic place when all done.

Its now about 7am UK time and the hours have caught up so off to bed.

Californian sunset from 3,00ft
Californian sunset from 3,00ft