Studio Diary – Day Five

day 5


Jeff starts the day making Kev some lovely sausage egg muffins then heads in to the studio and goes through Brian’s guitar gear. He’s up for recording today.

Kodiak Jack have the pick of the equipment while recording Alhambra
some sweet gear on offer.

One Randall head, 2 Marshall heads, a Messa cab and a Vox amp later he’s good to go! Jeff flies through takes of Crossfire, La Rue, Wasted Youth, Brother and Coming Home…

While all this productiveness is happening Jules and myself are checking out the local amenities. Macy’s, Best Buy and Abercrombie down its just Hooters to go…any why not, they do have cracking buns, baps and burgers.

Meanwhile back in the studio…Brian, Tom, Kev and Jeff go for the largest KFC known to man.

 The Angry Badger v Kodiak Matt Annual Hooters Pool Competition ends in in narrow margins with the decider going to a black ball game…though I dont think there were any winners tonight!
it all came down to this…..