Studio Diary – Day Eight

Today is the day the rest of us come out to play so its a hardworking day to get it all ready for them. Guitar tracks to finish off, bass lines to do and tweaking the tracks. Some tracks have lost parts along the way, some dynamics have been changed and rhythms adapted.

As the afternon goes on the re-working of our oldie is work on by Jeff and Brian. Working on the guitar arts to try to add some Slash/Izzy swagger and sweat. As we do that the others arrive!

Kodiak Jack Arrive to record Alhambra
Sunglasses indoors…Rock N Roll.

Guitarist and second vocalist Jon is here minus his bags and Singer Bryn is here with additional Englishman Tom who is here with camera in hand to get some shot.

This kind of brings and end to the working day.

The guys get a tour of the studio, check out the guitars and facilities and lots are drawn and fought for for the sleeping arrangements. The one double bed goes to Jon and Jeff, with very little resistance. After Google efforts turn up little in the way of pizza delivery we take a stroll to Ink and introduce the late comers to the USA bar life. Some sloppy’s later we wander back to the studio for a good nights sleep…

Kodiak Jack - Drums - Matt Forster
Kodiak Jack – Drums – Matt Forster

Thats about it from me as I’m done for the drums for a week or so and I’m off to see what Sacramento has to offer. Brian is going to work Bryn and Jon hard for the next few days so as little distraction as possible has ben requested!